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Philly Facility Requirements

A.    Philly Facility Requirements Overview
Refer to this section for any questions regarding the facility requirements for the Philly outdoor leagues. Because only 25% of Philly outdoor courts are lighted, the facility requirements will follow separate guidelines.

If a question regarding facility requirements is not addressed in this section, please refer back to the general Rules and Information section.

B.    Lighting:
Matches scheduled within 2 hours of sunset are considered high risk of suspension of play due to darkness and should be played at a lighted facility.

  • If your home court does not have lights, you may play at an alternate site with lights if it is not farther for your opponent. If it is farther for your opponent, you must offer to play at the opponent’s court if they have lights.

  • If neither team offers a lighted facility, teams are encouraged to schedule the match at least 2 hours before sunset.

  • If neither team offers a facility with lights and it becomes too dark to play, both teams may agree to finish the match on another date. If the match is unable to be completed, the match must be reported as "incomplete" - resulting in both teams receiving points but neither team receiving the win.