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Match Scheduling (Indoor Season)

A.    Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your matches!
Contact your first opponent as soon as you receive your schedule. Be considerate and prompt to help make Ultimate Tennis the best and most enjoyable league. Matches can be played out of order as long as they’re played by the corresponding "Deadline" date of each match. Print a copy of your schedule and keep it in your tennis bag. This will show your league participation should a facility require proof before you play as a guest.

B.    Scheduling your matches:
Ultimate Tennis allows you two weeks to play each match. The first week is the "scheduled week". The second week is the "make up" week. All matches have a "Deadline" date. The Deadline date (listed on your schedule) is the last day a score may be posted for that match. The ONLY exception is the use of a Late Pass (see Late Pass Rules Below). If a match is not played in the first week, the match must have a scheduled date by the first Sunday of the Make Up week. Directions and scheduled match time should be confirmed with the opponent.

C.    Dynamic Schedule:
Your schedule is dynamic and will be updated as information changes. Be sure to check your schedule periodically for updates to your division. i.e. phone numbers, email addresses, new players, withdrawals, blizzard extensions etc. Print out new copies as needed.

D.    Court Costs:
Each player will be responsible for 25% of the court fee. Players are responsible for their own guest fee, if applicable. The home court team is not responsible for the away team’s guest fees. We recommend arriving at least 15-20 minutes before the match to ensure enough time to check in, pay court fees, and do any desired pre-match stretching.

    Lateness Policy: - Any player who shows up more than 15 minutes late will be responsible for the full cost of the court.
    No-show Policy: - Any player who does not show up will be responsible for the full cost of the court, and the player may face possible suspension from the winter league.

E.    Match Times:
Matches must begin between the start times shown below unless both players/teams mutually agree to play at a different time.

  • Monday - Friday: matches must begin between 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: matches must begin between 9:00am - 7:00pm

F.    Set Format Under 2-Hour Time Constraint:
Players must play a super tiebreaker in lieu of a 3rd set due to time constraints. The rules for a super tiebreaker are the same as the 12 point TieBreak Rules, except the winner is the first team to reach 10 points provided there is margin of two points. If there is not a margin of two points, play continues until a two point margin is reached.
IF ALL PLAYERS AGREE, a full set or 12-point tiebreaker may be played in lieu of a super tiebreaker. Tiebreakers must be recorded as 7-6 in the score report.

G.    Contacting your Opponent:
1) Don't wait for your opponents to call you! Both teams are responsible for making contact with their opponents by the Wednesday prior to the Scheduled Week.
2) Each team offers 3 available dates to play the match (not including the Sunday "deadline" date) or agrees to a date offered by the opponents. Dates and times offered to your opponents must coincide with the dates/times of Section E.
3) The Home team is responsible for reserving 2 hours of court time and confirming the court time with their opponent.
4) Scheduling indoor doubles matches has its own unique set of challenges. The following are tips for scheduling matches:

  • Texting/Calling usually yields the fastest and highest rate of response.
  • Refer to the Indoor Doubles Procedure Map if you are struggling to schedule a match
Doubles Booking Process

    1. Each players/teams offers 3 available dates to play the match or agrees to a date offered by the opponents.

    2. Home team books court at their Home facility for agreed time. Court reservation must be for 2 hours.

    3. If no courts are available, the Home team must book at an alternative club, without adding significant driving distance for their opponents, or discuss a different date/time with the opponents.

5) Once the match is scheduled, the rule to offer 3 available dates becomes obsolete and the "Rescheduling" rule would apply if the scheduled match is cancelled.

IMPORTANT: If each team has offered 3 dates (within the timeframe for the match) and cannot agree on a date to play, the match is automatically scheduled to be played using the “Deadline/Final Times” below. Use common courtesy when arranging your matches. Rude phone behavior leads to on court confrontations.

H.    The Deadline/Final match times.

  • Start time: Sunday 6 pm - 8pm

I.    Unable to contact your opponent:

If you are unable to contact your opponent, check your "online schedule" to see if there have been any updates to your division. New phone numbers, email address, withdrawn and replacement player information are posted daily.

If you have attempted to contact your opponent at least twice, using both phone and email and received no reply by Wednesday of your scheduled week of play, you may choose one of the following options:

  • #1 - Play a match against a Substitute Player
  • #2 - Report a default and receive 12 points

Please do not contact the office and ask what to do. Choose option 1 or 2 and move on to scheduling your next match.

J.    Rescheduling:
You may reschedule your match one time provided you give your opponents at least 24 hours’ notice (you must receive confirmation back from your opponent that they received your rescheduling request). A rescheduled match is automatically scheduled for the Deadline/final time on the “deadline” date UNLESS the players/teams agree to a different date/time or to use a "late score" pass. If you give your opponents less than 24 hours’ notice OR need to reschedule more than once, your opponent has the option of rescheduling or recording a "win by default". If both players/teams can’t agree on a later date to play the match, the opponent will take the win by default.

K.    Inclement Weather on the "Deadline" date:
If a match is cancelled due to snow on the "play by date" AND one team forced the match to be played on the "play by date" without offering the three required match dates the other player/team can record a win by default, (players cannot use the "deadline date" as one of their 3 required match dates)

L.    Inclement Weather on the LAST "Deadline" date of the Season:
For matches scheduled on the last "deadline" date of the season and are cancelled due to snow, teams will receive no points for the match. No late passes are allowed due to the start of the playoffs. Teams that have a match scheduled on the LAST "deadline" date of the season will run the risk of not playing the match if there is inclement weather.

M.    Late Score Pass:
The late score pass is used to post a late score after the "deadline" date. The Late Pass is designed to help avoid defaults by providing members the ability to play one match beyond the posted deadline and by the last “Deadline” date. IMPORTANT - The late score pass is not valid for any match past the end of the regular season or for playoffs.

i. Each team has one late score pass per season.

ii. Both teams must agree to play the match after the "deadline" date and normal match scheduling rules apply.

iii. Decide which team will use the late score pass. This must be confirmed by email by both teams (Do not email Ultimate Tennis).

iv. How to use your late score pass: If the "deadline" date of the match has passed, the system will show a "Use Late Score Pass" link on the scoring page for that match. The team that agrees to use their late score pass must be the one to report the score (not the winner). Note: Once you click on this link, your late score pass is used.

v. All "late score" matches must be recorded by midnight of the last "Deadline" date of the season. The "late score pass" is not valid for any matches after the end of the regular season. There are no exceptions to this rule. Ultimate Tennis will not mediate any late score pass disputes.

Late Score Pass notes:
*If BOTH teams have a need to use the late score pass, we suggest you agree that the winning team uses their late score pass.
*If team has used the Late Pass already but the opposing team has not, you can effectively play a second match late as long as the opposing players agree to use their Late Pass to report the score.
* Ultimate Tennis will not grant additional late score passes.