Ultimate Tennis

Welcome to Ultimate Tennis!

Welcome Broward Tennis League Players!

We are pleased to have you as part of the Ultimate Tennis League family. Our entire league system is set up to do one thing - deliver you the best league matches you’ve ever played. It’s what drives us every day. We never lose sight of the fact that when you play tennis at the right level, with good people, there’s not a more enjoyable sport in the world. We encourage you to look around, take the home page tour to learn a little more about us and then set up your player profile to join.

Starting this Summer all Broward County Leagues will be hosted at UltimateTennis.com. As a member of Broward County Leagues if you register by April 1st you will receive $10 off your registration fee.

$10 Early Registration Discount Code: SAVE10

Please Contact Customer Service if you have ANY questions, we are here to help.

We are looking forward to the new partnership with Broward Tennis League and seeing you on the courts!

UT Staff


FAQ'S - Transitioning to Ultimate Tennis

Do the Ultimate Tennis Flex leagues operate the same way as the Broward Tennis Leagues?

Both leagues are similar but use slightly different scoring and ratings systems. However, your matches are set up, scheduled and reported using a similar flexible match scheduling system. Ultimate Tennis Flex leagues offer a playoff tournament at the end of each regular season like the Broward Tennis League and about 50% of the players / teams will qualify and are seeded in the draw based on the standings. The playoff finals are hosted at one of the local clubs in your area with prizes for the finalist and champions.


What skill level should I play?

In your first Ultimate Tennis season, we recommend that you register at your designated USTA level. You cannot play below you USTA level (in your first season) however you can play above your USTA level if you feel it is more appropriate based on your recent play in the Broward Tennis League. After each league season the Ultimate Tennis computer will adjust your skill level (if necessary) based on your match results.


Will my Ultimate Tennis skill level / rating affect my USTA rating and level?

No, your USTA rating will not be affected by your participation in Ultimate Tennis. The leagues are completely separate with regards to ratings and skill levels.


Where do I play my Ultimate Tennis matches?

Ultimate Tennis will use the same geographic area of play that Broward Tennis League has used. You will choose a home court facility to play your matches and you will be placed in a division with other players in the same area of town.


How do I get registered on the Ultimate Tennis site?

Follow these steps to register:

  • Go to UltimateTennis.com and create a player profile. If you are playing Doubles / Mixed, your partner needs to create a profile too.
  • Once you have created a profile, click the register button and sign up for your desired event.
  • If you need help or have questions regarding any aspect of the league, email our fantastic customer service.

    Contact Ultimate Tennis Customer Service