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12-Point Tie-Break

The12-point tie-break is played at 6-all in each set. Procedures and scoring for the tiebreake is as follows:

Serving - The player whose turn it is to serve will be the Server for the first point and will serve the first point from the deuce or right side of the court. The opponent will then serve the second and third points. The second point will be served from the ad or left side of the court and the third point is served from the deuce or right side of the court. Players will continue by serving alternately for two consecutive points. Each time the server switches the new server begins serving on the ad or left side of the court.

TIP: When the score total is EVEN, you always serve from the deuce side. When the score total is ODD you always serve from the Ad side.

Changing Ends - Players change ends after every 6 points and at the conclusion of the tie-break game. For example, when the score reaches 4 - 2, the players will switch sides. Note: The player serving immediately prior to a changeover will take their second serve once the changeover is made.

Scoring - Players receive one point for each point won. The tie-break winner is the first player to reach seven points provided there is margin of two points. If there is not a margin of two points, play continues until a two point margin is reached.

If service from a wrong half of the court occurs and is undetected, all resulting play shall stand, but the error should be corrected as soon as it is discovered.

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