Ultimate Tennis

Welcome to Ultimate Tennis!


Great news Atlanta Tennis players . . .

Ultimate Tennis and T2Tennis have merged to deliver you a bigger and better league service.

Each season rather than running two smaller competing leagues we will be jointly running one SUPER LEAGUE hosted at either Ultimate Tennis or T2Tennis. Regardless of which league is hosting your event you can be assured that we'll provide you with the same great service.

The benefits of SUPER LEAGUES have been dramatic.

  • More Players and divisions in your area
  • Large number of new players
  • Shorter Drive times to your matches

2014 Events

  • Ultimate Tennis will host: Singles
  • T2Tennis will host: Doubles, Mixed, Juniors and Seniors


FAQ's - Transitioning to T2Tennis

I've never played T2, how do I get registered?

If you or your partner are new to T2 follow these steps:

  • Go to T2 and create a player profile for each member that is new to T2Tennis.
  • Once you have created a profile click the register button and sign up for your desired event.
  • If you need help or have questions regarding a T2 event email us at:  custsvc@T2Tennis.com

I have both a T2 profile and a Ultimate Tennis profile - which do I use?

You will continue to use both - login with your T2 profile at T2 and use your Ultimate Tennis profile at Ultimate Tennis.

My T2 profile is old and my skill level has changed

If you have not played T2 in several years and your skill level has changed then you should contact T2 customer service about having your skill level adjusted for the upcoming season. You can reach T2 customer service at: custsvc@T2Tennis.com

Will my Ultimate Tennis skill level / rating affect my T2 level?

At this point both leagues are run separately and your scores, rating and skill level will not be affected by the other league.

What T2 skill level should I play at?


What does "hosting" the league on a different site mean?

In the past the same league was run by both companies during the same season. Moving forward we will only host each league event on one of our websites thereby creating one giant Super League.

Do both leagues operate the same way?

Both leagues are very similar but use slightly different scoring and ratings systems. However your matches are set up, scheduled and reported using the same flex league system. Additionally, over the course of the next few seasons we will work to unify the league rules and procedures in order to provide consistency.