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Petitioning Your Skill Level

Great competition doesn't happen by chance, it begins with a sound rating system that can maintain the accuracy of the skill levels. Unlike other leagues, we run our rating system strictly by the numbers and do not allow members to petition their skill level. The result is consistent, quality competition that our members appreciate.

Applying the rules fairly to all players is critical to ensuring the integrity of the league. As with any rating system, someone will always fall just above or below the requirement line. Even though your rating may be very close to the mark, if you fall short, we ask that you respect the system, roll up your sleeves and work harder next season.

We understand that there are many factors that can affect your final rating. In any given season, you may have a slightly stronger or weaker schedule relative to your opponents. This variance in strength of schedule is true in all leagues and tournaments. We have built a margin of error into our rating requirements to account for this variance and have tested it for over 20 years.

If you do not meet the automatic move upl move requirements you are not ready for the next skill level. It is our policy NOT to discuss level changes unless you meet one of the rating exceptions. Please do NOT contact customer service and attempt to lobby for a different level. We will not engage in a highly subjective discussion about your playing ability. We have chosen to reserve customer service for other issues.

  • Because we publish every league members results online it is extremely important to apply the same standards to all members. We will not make rating exceptions for individuals and thereby cheat the rest of our membership.
  • If your rating is inaccurate because you have not played your hardest during your matches, this is not our fault. You will have to remedy the situation by playing another season at your designated level or wait two years before you can be re-verified.
  • Not sure if you agree with our scoring and rating system? Read Scoring System Theory

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