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Changing Skill Levels

Your skill level is based on your rating from your most recent season of play. Your player rating represents the strength of your match scores relative to your division opponents. If you have played within the last two years you rating is considered current. You may access your rating from the "League Standings" or your personal "Stats" page.


To see how your rating will affect your skill level next season, select the rating scale for your market below.

Rating Scale

Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Columbus

California, Texas, Southwest Florida

Rating Calculation

Rating Exceptions

Petitioning Your Skill Level

Did you know?

Your rating is dependent on the point spread of each match, thus it is very important for players seeking to move up a skill level to close out matches convincingly. Do NOT play soft or give games to your opponents, otherwise your rating will not reflect your true ability.

Unless you make it to the finals we do not use your playoff results to adjust your skill level. Why? A single elimination tournament format does not produce consistent results for measuring your abilities.

  • It's easier to reach the finals in a draw of 4 than a draw of 128.
  • the best players are not always available to compete in the playoffs.
  • Defaults in the draw create a much easier path for some players.
  • An isolated win or close loss to a highly ranked player does not constitute elevation to the next level.

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