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Professional Rating System


Providing you with consistent high quality competitive matches is our #1 goal. When you play Ultimate Tennis, we want you to be as comfortable at your skill level as you are competitively challenged. This is the reason we offer up to 13 different skill levels and go to great lengths to make sure players compete at the correct level. We understand that the difference between good tennis and great tennis begins with the quality of your opponents.

Because Ultimate Tennis uses a point scoring system, we are able to provide league members with an extremely accurate method for adjusting player levels. Your skill level is determined by your match results and "rating" from your most recent season of play. To preserve fair and competitive matches for all players, members cannot select any skill level they choose. Players must earn the right to move up or stay at a current level through their on court performance. The result is consistent, quality competition that our members appreciate.

To maintain consistent competition, we rate all new league members and re-verify returning members who have not played in more than two years. Because these player's skill levels are not known with certainty, they are not considered fully rated until they complete one full season of play. At this point, they have established a valid track record and a meaningful rating. These members are subject to our First Season Player Rule.

New Ultimate Tennis members may not select a skill below their USTA level. You must select a level at or above your USTA level in your first season. Players found playing below their USTA level are subject to being removed anytime during the regular season or the playoffs. When found, the Ultimate Tennis office will review the case and make a ruling.

Your Ultimate Tennis rating / skill level will not affect your USTA rating.

To understand how we calculate your rating and view the rating scale for your area, read Changing Skill Levels